Returning with new domain name, new design, and possibly a Patreon

It’s been a long hiatus but I think I’m ready to revive Sport in Fiction. There is a new domain name – (The previous domain,, will redirect to the new one.) There’s also a new design using the Asuna blog theme (created by Lauren Orsini) and a simple logo & banner created by myself, although I would like to eventually replace the logo & banner with artwork drawn by an experienced artist/designer.

I have thought about launching a Patreon to go along with this revival but I haven’t committed to do that yet. I don’t like ask for funds unnecessarily and right now, there isn’t an urgent need to do so. Maybe I’ll launch after posts are published on a regular basis. Since I’m currently the only writer, potential pledged funds would subsidize the costs of accessing books, movies, games, and other media I intend to cover. If other writers are interested in pitching articles — something I am open to doing — I would like to compensate them for their work, so pledged funds would also go toward paying those contirbutors. I also want to integrate some reader interactions, such as suggestions or feedback threads, into the Patreon page and/or the website.

Going forward, I plan to look at stories from different regions and discuss how various activities are depicted in those stories, ranging from looking at a single character to analyzing an entire series.

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