Lawson to launch another “Yowamushi Pedal” campaign Feb. 3rd, end “Prince of Tennis” one Feb. 2nd

Japanese convenience store chain Lawson is no stranger to anime promotional campaigns. According to Crunchyroll (via Netlabo), they are currently running a Prince of Tennis one set to end February 2nd and there will be one starting February 3rd involving the currently airing Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road. (There were previous Lawson Yowapeda campaigns in July/August 2014 and September/October 2014.)
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2nd NHK “SPORTS x MANGA” special to air January 30th

A 50-minute TV special about baseball manga with a focus on Hiroshima Carp pitcher Kenta Maeda (前田 健太) is scheduled to air on NHK BS1 this Friday (Jan. 30th). It will be presented by Alice Hirose (広瀬 アリス) and it’s actually the second program in this series she has hosted. The first aired last year and focused on tennis manga such as Aim for the Ace! and The Prince of Tennis as well as current tennis player Kei Nishikori (錦織 圭) and former player Shuzo Matsuoka (松岡 修造).
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Launching a new website

Hello and welcome to the tentatively-titled Sports Anime Blog. (The name and design will likely change over the coming weeks.)

You may know me as @calaggie on Twitter or as the writer of Nigorimasen!, a mostly anime blog. So why create another blog/website all of a sudden? I have a passion for sports in general along with anime & manga (and sometimes crossovers) and I’ve been paying more attention to sports-focused titles over the last few years as new and popular ones have aired and been simulcast. During that time, I began to explore the variety of older and more recent anime and manga series and even presented a few panels about sports manga in 2012 (Fanime & Otakon) and 2014 (Fanime). I recently noticed that the domain became available, decided to grab it and now this is my initial attempt to make something of it and fulfill one of my blogging goals for the year.

What I plan to do here is write about sports-related anime (and manga) series, instances of sporting events in appearing outside of “genre” (like volleyball in the Lucky Star OVA), upcoming events & promotions around the world, and other smaller things I might not have felt comfortable making into a post on my regular blog.

I’ve already started a page where I am attempting to compile a list of sports-related panels that people have presented at conventions. If you know of any I should include on that page, please let me know on Twitter or through a suggestion box that I hope to add soon.